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We provide services for people with varying budgets in all stages of home construction and design.


Form and Function are the two most important elements of a good design. They are not mutually exclusive. They must co-exist for a design to be good. The design team at Spider Lake works very hard to ensure that our design concepts are both beautiful and fully functional.

Every detail is considered. Interior finishes, lighting, upholstery, art and everything else that makes a complete home are incorporated into a series of design documents, to ensure the ideas come to life.

A great interior design provides the stage on which your friends and family will live their lives. Color, pattern and textures should seamlessly blend to create a warm and comfortable backdrop for your lifestyle.  


A great interior design is more complicated that simply creating the design. It also takes a good interior design team to pull it all together.  

Being an interior designer takes more than outstanding design talent. A good interior designer is a great listener. It is up to the designer to make sure that the wishes and needs of the homeowner are identified and incorporated into all aspects of the design. A great interior designer is a good collaborator. It is up to the designer to work with the architect, the builder and the various craftspeople to manage the project well and to make sure design concepts are executed perfectly while getting the best results from  everyone on the team.

A great interior designer is a great communicator. Not only must the designer communicate and document the scope and details of a project, but they must also stay on top of the budget, the schedule and all the unanticipated aspects of a project.

Finally, the designer should ensure that the project is fun and informative. Whether refurnishing a room, or building an entire home, a design project can be a very stressful experience. But by proper planning and a focus on all of the elements of a project, we can make sure the project is a great experience for everyone.


Spider Lake Trading is known for providing superior quality furniture to our clients. We have direct accounts open with hundreds of furniture vendors in the home improvement industry, giving us personal access to the most talented owners, managers and furniture craftspeople of our trade.  


Having direct accounts enables us to tour furniture factories to learn all that is possible in terms of customizing fit and finish. Working directly with manufacturers allows us to achieve the most aggressive pricing available to the market and pass those savings on to our clients. And, our long term vendor relationships gives us full control of your item(s) from order placement to final installation.


Our interior design team is constantly searching nationally and overseas for new and creative furnishing items, including lighting, art, and accessories. Through our travels we've also developed an extensive network of dealers for rare and vintage items.

Our goal is to ensure our clients receive the utmost in quality, comfort and value for their investment.

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