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Spider Lake Trading is known for creating dynamic spaces that enrich the personal lives of our clients. We do this by combining good design along with the technical details of a project, communicating each step of the process, so that your project is seamless from concept to completion.


Expert  planning during a project will help ensure that everything required in the home will fit and function properly including:

  • Windows and doors

  • Traffic patterns

  • Furniture Layout

  • Closet and Storage

  • Electrical Planning

  • Kitchen Planning


“Lighting is everything”, and this is particularly true for your cabin or mountain retreat. All your other surface and color selections are dependent upon your  making good lighting choices. Advances in lighting technology have dramatically increased lighting options. Proper lighting planning will ensure that you are able to create all the moods and scenes that are so essential to cabin living. Lighting planning services include:

  • Location of all light fixtures

  • Determine types of fixture or light source.  eg. Chandelier, wall sconce, pendant, surface mount, recessed and free standing

  • Determine types of “lamping”  eg.   LED, florescent, incandescent,

  • Determine power , color, direction and of light source

  • Assess acquisition cost, vs. operating cost and environmental impact.


Cabinet Planning is critical to ensuring your home functions smoothly and looks beautiful at the same time. A well planned kitchen will add to your cooking and entertaining enjoyment for years to come. A good cabinet plan includes:

  • Kitchen layout including dry and cold food storage, dish and bakeware storage,  cooking and baking zones, preparation space, cleaning and disposal spaces.

  • Cabinet door and drawer style, species and colors Selection

  • Cabinet construction style

  • Counter top Selection

  • Cabinet interior Selections, including specialty pullouts, finishes and gadgets

  • Appliance Selection

  • Cabinet Hardware

  • Bathroom layout, including vanity and linen storage

  • Specialty cabinets including, nooks, cubbies, alcoves, lockers, alcoves, wine rooms, wetbars, bookshelves and window boxes


Fireplaces are the heart of every cabin. A well planned fireplace  soothes all your  senses. The warmth, the light, the sound, and the smell from a perfect fire will be the backdrop for many memories of life at the cabin. Fireplace Planning includes:

  • Fireplace Location and Size

  • Fireplace Construction Style, (full masonry or framed)

  • Fireplace Shape

  • Stone and other Surface Selections

  • Hearth and Mantel Selection including size, material , location, & color.

  • Firebox Unit Selection and Planning


Finish Selections for the Interior and Exterior of a home can be the most overwhelming decisions of an entire project. There are thousands of options and decisions to be made in every home. We will combine our experience and knowledge, along with your style to create the perfect backdrop for your home:

  • Wood Species and Grade

  • Wood Siding Profiles and Installation Method

  • Specialty Wood finishes and design, including log features and chinking

  • Sheetrock and Plaster, location and finishes.

  • Tile and Stone Selection and Layout, including grout color

  • Paint  & Stain Color and Sheen

  • Flooring Options including wood, carpet, vinyl and stone

  • Wall Coverings

  • Trimwork including,  Case, Base and Ceiling Cove Selection and Design


Once you’ve planned where everything goes, it is time to pick each individual fixture that will be included in the home. Fixtures are usually attached to the home, and make a big impact on the style and feel of the cabin. Fixture selections include:

  • Plumbing fixtures





-Shower and tub controls

  • Electrical fixtures include

-Chandeliers, sconces, pendants and ceiling mount lights

-Recessed lighting

-Cabinet lighting

-Switches, outlets and controls

  • Appliances


Good furniture planning is key to the warmth and comfort of your home. Our goal is to ensure a cohesive, durable and timeless plan. Working from the layout established in your plan, we will bring to life all the key furniture pieces including:

  • Rugs

  • Upholstery

-Frame Selections

-Fabric, color, texture and material 


-Trim Selections

-Finish Selections

  • Casegoods

-Tables, chests, dressers, armoires

  • Lamps

  • Antiques

  • Window Coverings


The final, but perhaps most critical element to make your cabin or lodge come to life, is the addition of all the art and accessories that make the home truly unique to you. We work with you to find the perfect items that reflect your style, your activities and your passions. Art and Accessory Selection includes:

  • Gathering and displaying collections

  • Antiques

  • Framed art and photography

  • Fine Art

  • Posters and Signs

  • Taxidermy

  • Sculptural Art and Accessories

  • Sporting paraphernalia

  • Family mementos and photos


The old adage “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail” is particularly true when building or remodeling. We will help you manage each of these critical elements of your project:

  • Scope:   One of the biggest risks to a successful project is “scope creep”. We will assist you to ensure everyone stays focused on the core project and that any changes or additions are planned and approved.

  • Budget:  We will work with you, the architect and the builder to ensure that project budgets are comprehensive, realistic and that we stick to them. Changes to budget are quickly identified and approved to avoid surprises at the end of a project.

  • Schedule:  We work closely with builders to ensure that key decisions are made in advance of when they are needed, so builders can stay on schedule and complete your project when you expect.

  • Logistics, Delivery & Installation:  When the project is complete, we will be there to deliver, unpack, dispose of packing materials, inspect, set-up, hook-up, plug-in and make sure your home is ready to enjoy.